Allenort Therapy Clinics
A revolution in
Polish psychiatry

Allenort Therapy Clinics is a state-of-the-art project in mental health, providing services that meet the highest medical standards and meet the rapidly-growing social demand for psychiatric treatment and psychological therapy.


After the spectacular success of its cardiac project, Allenort decided to revolutionise Polish psychiatry.

The services provided by the nascent neuropsychiatric care system are based on highly specialised psychiatric diagnostics and treatment, psychological therapy and the use of modern technologies in neurological and neurosurgical treatment.

Apart from a network of outpatient clinics, the inpatient treatment centre—the modern Mazovian Hospital and Diagnostic Centre—will be at patients' disposal. It is located in Warsaw's Tarchomin, Neurocentrum 3N and Neuropsychiatric Rehabilitation Centres.

The hospital and diagnostic centre are the first in Poland to be private, comprehensive, large-scale, and offering in-patient medical assistance for people with mental illness, and providing 24-hour hospital care for all patients—regardless of their diagnosis and current mental condition. Medical care at the highest level is provided by an experienced team of specialists working under the substantive supervision of recognised authorities in Polish psychiatry. Currently, apart from the Mazovian Hospital and Diagnostic Centre, the network includes four Warsaw psychiatric/psychological clinics (below).

Allenort Therapy Clinic's activities are based on the idea of corporate social responsibility, cooperating with non-governmental organisations, actively fighting depression, supporting its undertakings with social consultations, and providing a new quality of psychiatry at every stage of treatment.

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Allenort Therapy Clinic
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Allenort Therapy Clinic
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Allenort Therapy Clinic
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